Heart for the Children three year bible curriculum

Children’s Pastor

Do you need a bible programme that:

  • Is Dynamic and Life-changing
  • Presents Truths/Stories with Activities
  • Progresses consistently, Years One to Three
  • Features Direct Hands-on/Guided Practice lessons
  • Includes a Team Teaching Component

You are putting into the hands of your team a High-quality resource that is Fun, Lively and Impactful!

Gospel and Discipleship aims:

  • Easy to use Teacher’s Guide for Lessons and Activities
  • Pre-lesson Story captures attention, Bible Story Themes
  • Illustrated Memory verses
  • Puppets and puppet scripts
  • Related Activities and Flashcards  
  • Children take home Truths with Life-Applications
  • Children come back with Testimonies!

Books are for ages 4-13 years and are undated so that they can be used in any order.

The topical themes of each book enable children to absorb truth in a way that relates to their lives.

Each lesson and all the related activities are taught over two weeks, for maximum participation and feedback.